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Hi, my name is Nikki Manashe and I’m a proud IVF mum to my precious daughter Anastasia Pixie Reid.


I first started to blog my journey on my Instagram account @ivf_mama_Nikki in 2018 after having such heart ache. You can read all about my IVF blogs from years of struggling, to falling pregnant, 5 miscarriages and losing Anastasia’s twin early on in my cycle during which I had treatment at Harley Street Fertility Clinic.

Going through infertility can make you feel very alone, with no one to turn to, social media gave me the support that I needed with many in the same position as me. From my Instagram I decided to blog my 4th cycle in lockdown and my website was born!


I never expected that so many people would read and comment on my posts and I certainly never expected that I would end up with such a huge following when I felt so alone and cut off from the world in isolation but life’s funny like that.


So I’ve decided to have a revamp and have taken the plunge and started blogging about motherhood and IVF and quite honestly I’m so excited! This new website is long overdue, Anastasia is now 11 months old!  


You can still find the old blog posts here - which is all about my IVF treatment journey with Anastasia and my new cycle at HSFC, alongside my new section on being a mum which you can find here.


So take a seat, buckle up, get yourself your cuppa tea and don’t forget your chocolates, get comfy and enjoy reading my blogs.

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