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How Harley Street Fertility Clinic Helped Nicola Become A Mother

Nicola and Alex first approached HSFC in December 2019. Over 7 years, the couple had suffered 5 devastating miscarriages and were now ready to try IVF at a new clinic. HSFC were delighted to have Nicola and Alex as patients and looked forward to working together to achieve the goal of a much longed for baby.

Follow their journey below...

The IVF Mama & Baby at Harley Street Fertility Clinic_edited.jpg

Becoming HSFC Patients

15 April 2020

Harley Street Fertility Clinic welcomes Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid to the HSFC family   – Alex and Nicola, determined...


Lockdown - Nicola's Thoughts

17 April 2020

Nicola: "The lockdown has made me wait longer for my baby". The unprecedented Coronavirus has had an...

Lockdown - Alex's Thoughts

24 April 2020

Alex: “Life has thrown lemons at us and we made lemonade”. Listen to Alex’s podcast and his...

Our family- Alex and Nicola-another hurdle.png

Stay Positive

16 July 2020

Alex: “Baby Reid is coming, folks. Stay Positive”...

One year later_edited.jpg

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

07 September 2020

Read a short snippet from Nicola’s blog about how a year has passed since she first met Dr Venkat and the team at Harley Street Fertility Clinic...

The Day Before Starting Treatment

24 September 2020

 “I am a mixed bag of emotions, but I cannot wait to see my all-time favourite Fairy Godmother, Dr...

Restarting treatment_edited.jpg

Nicola, Excited To Restart Treatment

07 October 2020

“Not restarting treatment took its toll on my mental health, but I am excited to restart treatment”...

Back at HSFC.jpg

A Day in the Life of an IVF Warrior

22 September 2020

If you ever wondered what a typical day in an IVF warrior’s life looks like…look no further, as our amazing...

I Believe in the Power of Positivity

29 October 2020

 “I have got a good woman, and I love her very dearly. Baby Reid will be here soon, thanks to...

Next steps on our IVF journey.jpg

Congratulations! You Are Pregnant!

12 November 2020

“The whole world will look different for you now, so beautiful!” We welcomed Nicola and Alex to our...

2 embryos_edited.jpg

Why I Decided to Transfer 2 Embryos

16 November 2020

“…the big question was do we want to transfer one or two embryos..." 

Vanishing Twin Syndrome

25 January 2021

 Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks, some scans detected that Twin 2 wasn’t developing as it should...

Vanishing Twin Syndrome_edited.jpg
Welcome to the world Baby Reid_edited.jpg

Welcome to the World, Baby Reid!

14 July 2021

When you are chasing your dreams…

With every storm comes a rainbow_edited.jpg

With Every Storm Comes a Rainbow

21 August 2021

Take a look back at the journey that Alex and Nicola have been on to get to their beautiful baby girl, Anastasia...

Natural Killer Cells and Why HSFC Wanted to Test Me

25 January 2021

Nicola talks about “Natural Killer Cells”...

Natural killer cells_edited.jpg
The IVF Mama & Baby at Harley Street Fertility Clinic_edited.jpg

A Home Away From Home

16 October 2021

Alex and Nicola came back to HSFC to proudly show off Baby Anastasia. Find out what they had to say to Dr Venkat and to the clinical staff...

With every storm comes a rainbow_edited.jpg

GloMama Awards

10 January 2022

Our Nicola Manashe has been nominated for “The most inspiring mama award”...

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