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A Vanishing Twin

So what is vanishing twin syndrome?

Most multi-gestation losses occur during the first trimester— known as “vanishing twin syndrome,” where one twin “disappears” or “vanishes” in the uterus. For example, a woman may have an ultrasound in her sixth or seventh week, in which a doctor or technician sees two fetuses on the monitor. But by the time a woman returns for her next visit, only one heartbeat or fetus remains. Vanishing twin syndrome occurs in around 25 percent of early twin pregnancies.

I hadn't planned to have twins—who does?—but once I was pregnant with two babies I wanted both of them. I was already planning moving to my new house in the country side, watching two babies grow up together, digesting the happy news that I will never need to go through IVF again as I now have my perfect family and then just like that - on a 8 week scan it was confirmed by Doctor Venkat that she could only detect one baby. One strong beautiful heart beat.

The hardest part for me is the anxiety of the scans, each time I visit the clinic or a hospital I have a panic attack, I do not sleep the night before my appointment and I literally cannot breathe till the nurse and doctor tell me all is ok. Im still so scared. On my very first IVF cycle I was pregnant with twins 5 years ago . I also lost one. The other twin was doing ok and we heard a heartbeat, weeks later we lost the second twin. Mentally I’m trying to stay positive. My heart is breaking and I think seeing only one living baby grow on the ultrasound is going to be hard for me. Losing a baby while remaining pregnant with the other is a strange grieving process that I can’t describe. I feel like I’m balancing the sadness with happiness and relief for the surviving twin. I’m so grateful we went with 2 embryos. If we had only had one transferred this blog could have a very different ending.

I was worried what will happen to me, do I wait to bleed? Do I have surgery to remove the other twin? But actually its fetal tissue is absorbed by the surviving baby and me. I am pleased to say I am now 11 weeks and 1 day and all is going well. I have another scan in the new year and will be approaching my second trimester which is a brand new emotion for me.

in this image the heart repsresnts where the other twin should have been developing 💔

Keep following my journey as I update everyone on the next steps of baby Reid through the love and support of Harley Street Fertility Clinic and Alex

Love and Light


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