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Anastasia is one years old!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

I can’t believe that I’m writing this blog as a mummy to a perfect one year old! It really has been a whirlwind of emotions over the last seven years. But this year has by far been the best year ever, having a gift of having the title of being a mother has been such an honour and I’m so lucky and blessed that I have the most happiest well-behaved content beautiful little girl that ever graced planet earth!!!

We had the most amazing photo shoot done by Bows and Frills Photography here is her link on her Instagram page

We went for a cake smash shoot, the shoot lasted around an hour we went with a rainbow theme because Anastasia is a special magical rainbow baby, we always call her a rainbow baby because after a miscarriage a baby born is classed as a rainbow baby and that is definitely what she is. We were so thrilled with the results of the shoot and Anastasia loved eating all the icing lol

Did I mention this has been the best year ever? We were originally moving to Hertfordshire but then my dream home in Surrey came back on the market and we snapped it right up!! I’m so excited to move away from London and to give Anastasia the best life in the country side, less pollution, lower crime rates, gorgeous schools and just a better way of life for us all. As we are staying at my dad‘s until our house in Surrey is completed, we decided to do a very low-key birthday. We opened our presents with grandpa in the morning and then we headed out for our special day to a salt cave. We really wanted to do this because Anastasia has been poorly with a cold and I’ve had a chest infection which I finally have shifted a month later!! It’s all due to the meds that I’m on for IVF making it harder to fight off infections, we have heard that taking a trip to a salt cave can help with respiratory conditions so double whammy.

We booked a family salt cave experience which lasted for an hour, inside the salt cave was relaxing music, baby toys and massaging electronic reclining chairs. An hour really is all you need especially having a baby with you.

After the experience Anastasia was exhausted and fell asleep in her buggy. We used the Inglisina Quid 2 which was gifted via Mum&Me App. This buggy is amazing, the backrest reclines from the upright position up to 170° for a perfect sleeping position. such a great practical summer buggy for this heat wave, it has a full-cover extending hood made of anti-UV treated, UPF 50+ fabric. It’s also amazing for traveling, so light weight. The best part is the price!!! So reasonable!

Here is a link of the one we used.

After Anastasia woke up we went out for lunch, she ate amazing and was loving her chicken and chips. We then came home and she continued playing with her presents through out the afternoon.

Alex‘s birthday is the week after Anastasia’s, we went for an elective C-section she was born on the 13th of July which is a very special number to me as my mother Anita was born on the 13th of September (Anita who Anastasia is named after) the number 13 is also my lucky number and in the Jewish religion 13 is good luck and that’s why Anastasia was born on the 13th of July! It’s also Alex’s lucky number which I only found out when planning the c section date.

My birthday is also in the summer in August so we have decided that this year once we’re all settled we’re going to go away for either a staycation or a week somewhere abroad depending on my Ivf news/pregnancy and if I am allowed by Dr Venkat to get on a plane.

Stayed tuned as I’m about to write an update on my IVF blog section with some news for you all.

Love and light Nikki


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