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Baby Reid number 2 or 3 ….

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I’ve waited quite a few months to update you with IVF baby news at Harley Street Fertility Clinic.

Firstly we were supposed to have started treatment in the summer with embryo transfer on my birthday 16th of August, unfortunately Anastasia caught hand foot and mouth disease. This was then followed by two weeks of us all catching Covid!!!  Dr Venkat wanted me to continue to keep taking all my IVF meds. I was stressing because I have never been on immune suppressed medications with covid. I’m so lucky that I have a clinic that gives you that extra bit of security. Even if it’s just a what’s app, a phone call, I know that Rachel the head nurse or my very special fairy god mother Dr Venkat was by my side, making sure I was safe and recovering, ready for the next hurdle to fight together as a team. Because you know what, IVF is a team effort and with out the help of my team I wouldn’t have had my little Annie. 

Dr Venkat requested I came back to the clinic when it was safe to do so, so when I tested

negative we popped in to the clinic for scans, unfortunately we had some sad news. The scans had shown that my womb lining was uneven and too thick for me to have embryos transferred meaning I potentially could have miscarried or even had a negative pregnancy result which would have been devastating.

Dr Venkat instructed I slowly and safely start weaning off the steroids to a lower dose and to add a hormone called Provera which is progesterone to the mix. I was taking this for 10 days 3 times a day, which helped me shed my womb lining from this cycle. 

It was not great at all!!! Side effects were  bloating, headaches ,really bad mood swings and weight gain. 

Once I had shed that womb lining and a had a period, I came back to the clinic for another scan. All looked good. Fast forward a month or so and guess what….. I’m on my third week of this IVF cycle with transfer date coming up... keep posted for my results on this!!!!  

I’m on all the same protocol as before, seeing my fave people pretty much weekly for cups of tea and biscuits whilst having my intralipids and having regular blood tests to make sure my body is being responsive to these meds.

Tips and tricks 

And if any of you ladies are going through IVF and wanted to know how you can help your womb lining and give yourself the best chance possible for embryo transfer here are some great tips and tricks.

Meat eaters 1 -3 servings daily of meat that is ideally organic and hormone-free.  Red meat, both beef and lamb, is best for building a lining

Vegans Healthy fats: olive oil, raw nuts, humus avocado and dark leafy greens

Supplements I recommend 

Iron, 1 – 2 daily servings, exact dose depends on the type of iron

Digestive enzymes to break down iron, 1 – 2 capsules with iron

Fish oil, aka Omega 3 essential fatty acids, 2000 mg daily

Vitamin E, 800 iu daily

L-Arginine, 6 grams daily

Turmeric, aka Curcumin, 2000 mg daily, STOP when pregnant (I like taking the fresh orange and turmeric shots)

Low Dose Aspirin (LDA), 81 mg 

And lastly exercise will improve blood flow, which in turn will help to build the uterine lining. Exercise should be mild to moderate for 20 – 30 minutes daily.

I’ll keep you updated guys with my progress guys but I hope this helps anyone on the same journey as me,

The advice given is my personal advice, speak to your doctors before making any changes

Sending lots of love and love and light 


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