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Crystal Fertility Healing Stones

Today I wanted to write about why I think fertility crystal healing stones could help us. All stones on my website are 100 percent authentic and sourced from reputable companies.


Moonstone is amazing for General Fertility, Hormone Balancing, Feminine Energy, Natural Conception, Promoting Intimacy and Love. They bring reflective and calming energy by balancing emotions, which is perfect in relieving stress while trying to conceive. It is said they have the power to grant wishes too!  These stones have an inner flow and range from white to grey, often with flashes of blue. They help promote a more regular menstrual cycle and boosts female energy, which makes them perhaps the most used stone for fertility. Moonstones are love stones and draw love to its wearer. (I have always been drawn to moonstones ever since I was a child)

Rose Quartz

I love Rose Quartz stones and that’s why I have them on my website in the form of bracelets

These beautiful stones are to be worn for Maternal Protection, Balancing moods due to changing hormone levels and Self-compassion.

The rose quartz crystal is the stone of unconditional love and opens the heart chakra. It shows us what true love and forgiveness means.

This pretty Stone is said to aid increasing overall fertility. This pale pink stone is also helpful with headaches,  migraines, sexual dysfunction,  depression, addictions, and weight loss. Rose quartz is helpful and protective during pregnancy and with childbirth. Emotionally, Rose Quartz brings forgiveness, compassion, as well as balancing one's emotions. It helps with healing emotional wounds and traumas. Rose Quartz removes fears, resentments, and anger.  

Jade Stone The Jade Stone is the Stone of Peace. It’s a good choice if you want to fall pregnant. I have always been told that us ladies need to be in the right environment mentally for pregnancy, so being at peace from within with a little help from meditation and healing crystals could help us, Jade also helps to balance negative emotional states. Since jade is a stone of prosperity, it can increase a slow business. Jade is a friendly stone for children and teenager who are shy and dealing with changing hormones. It helps regulate high blood pressure and eases cramps.

I’ve actually selected an amazing bracelet that has every stone I have spoken about in this blog into one pretty bracelet. As mentioned each stone is of the highest of quality and is hand selected for you.

You can buy it here

If you do decide to purchase one, please take a selfie wearing your bracelet and tag me on Instagram @ivf_chasing_dreams so I can see how pretty you all look 💕💕💕

Happy Healing


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