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Ever heard of the “two week wait”?

This is basically the time from IVF embryo transfer and the moment of truth, to find out if all your hard work has paid off with a positive HCG blood pregnancy test result. I can’t lie I took 4 tests prior to my blood test. The wait was horrific, I think it felt even harder as I’ve been in my own isolation and lockdown from my world around me, It’s so hard as it really is all you can think about.

Not only have I had to wait for months to start treatment up again because of Covid with fertility clinics being made to close, but I had a few hurdles from cysts being removed, tests that needed to be done and checked to make sure I was safe for transfer. You can see what tests I had done if you check my blog -

So as you can see I had already been waiting for months actually to be more precise it’s been years, to become pregnant and go to full term.

It’s soul destroying at times, its mentally draining and exhausting to constantly wait whilst family and friends around you grow from

2 to 3 or 4. It’s so hard when your desperate to get to the next piece of the puzzle.

So how did I cope?

I had this time for me and only me, I looked at this time as a great time to do things I enjoy from binge watching Netflix series, online shopping, went on daily walks in the fresh air whilst listening to fertility first trimester affirmations on YouTube, cooked healthy warm meals, and stayed away from cold foods. It maybe an old wives tale but to be honest it’s the winter now and it can’t hurt. The thought is that cold foods/drinks and raw veggies both take more energy and blood flow to digest (cold needs to be heated up in your belly; raw veggies can be tough on your digestive system), and any extra blood flow concentrated to your tummy or digestive track is being diverted away from your uterus and ovaries where you want it for embryo to get all snug in the womb.

I also tried my best to stay happy and only watched funny movies, I stayed away from anything or anyone negative, didn’t read the news, and visualised my embryos growing every night. I took naps without having any guilt, sang outloud, snuggled my fur babies and rememebered that what ever the outcome I am an IVF warrior princess and I got this.

And guess what! I got this ladies. Two big pink lines on day 6 of my wait! I called the clinic and emailed them the results!

I was so happy but I knew we needed to wait till I had my HCG levels tested!! I was so nervous when I got the call from Doctor Venkat, you can listen to it here -

Love and light ladies



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