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How can you train whilst going through IVF?

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts I actually am a qualified personal trainer I became a level 4 advanced personal trainer after my mother died, I don’t know why but I just wanted and needed to do something and reading and learning was the one for me.

Fitness has always been my saviour. It has helped me in the end through my 18 year battle with Bulimia Nervosa. So when I found out that going through IVF would mean a change in fitness I knew I had to do some homework.

When I first started my first IVF journey things were so different and I remember blaming myself when I miscarried and feeling selfish for going on that cross trainer for to long and using weights (very light weights) I did this because I was told It was ok as long as my body is use to training, (an IVF hospital wouldn’t tell a woman who has never trained when she starts IVF to go and join a gym). As I mentioned I started off on my first few cycles not really understanding and every miscarriage I blamed myself.

After my fourth miscarriage I was so scared to do any kind of exercise and my mental health went down hill. There isn’t a lot of information around about exercise whilst going through IVF, and I was desperate to figure out what I could safely do.

Hopefully this blog will help some of you.

In general, it's recommended that anyone undergoing IVF should avoid high-intensity exercises at all costs and instead opt for low-impact, gentle exercises that are meant to relieve stress. Even if you're used to vigorous exercise (such as running, weightlifting, and any other high-impact workout), it's strongly recommended that you stop.

Basically Avoid putting your body into a sweat from training and don’t get out of breath. Swap for gentle exercises such as walking for 30 minutes three or four days per week which is great for fat burning first thing in the morning on a empty stomach which can kick start your metabolic rate for the day.

The reason is possible injury to the ovaries.

Not only is exercise amazing for your mental health but having good circulation in the uterus is so important and exercise can really help this. If you are going to do some form of exercise please note that women going through IVF are also told to avoid any twisting movements during IVF. If you train to much, particularly cardiovascular activity, it does seem to have an effect on reproductive hormone production, and that affects your ability to conceive.

A typical IVF training day for me


I will start off my week by taking Lola my dog for a morning walk in the park, I’m getting my new Apple Watch so I can make sure that I’m training safe for my body weight and height and not over training by looking at my heart rate. 30-60 mins of light walking


2 kg dumbell training

Super set forward shoulder raise

Lateral raise

10 of each x 5

Tricep extension 10 reps of 4

Bicep curls - 100

Dragons - 100





Same as Monday

I hope that gives you a brief idea of how I train whilst going through IVF.

I must mention when I have my embryo transferred I will only be walking 3 times a week for 30-60 mins and once I’ve passed my second trimester I will start up yoga again.

I hope this helps,

Love and light



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