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How to pick the right clinic for you ...

Before you can be seen at a fertility clinic you will usually need a referral letter referral from your GP, I was so embarrassed to talk about sex, to even mention that I had sex to my family doctor still makes me cringe. But it’s needed to be upfront and honest and the reality was we were having sex without the contraceptive pill and without a condom for over 2 years. The next step will be being referred to a local hospital for tests. If NHS treatment is offered in your area, your GP is likely to refer you to that hospital. I was referred to a hospital that did some of the basic tests that were offered through government funding with my postcode, age and the fact I have no children (at the moment) one fresh cycle and one frozen. This hospital treated both NHS and private patients so we at the time decided to carry on after we miscarried for a further 3 years at this clinic. It's not easy coming to terms that you probably need help conceiving or staying pregnant. I was petrified when I had my first consultation at a clinic, my initial thought was what if they tell me I can never have a baby and then Alex leaves me? So how do you find the best fertility clinic for you?

Don't just choose the first place you find on google. You want to choose only the best. You want to feel like a person, not a number, you want to feel safe that the doctor stood in front of you has explained the next steps to you about the medical journey you are on and that all has been explained correctly. For me personally, I am really spiritual, I just get a gut feeling and I went with my gut. I was so happy to meet the team at Harley Street Fertility Clinic, every single face greets you with warm smiles from front of house to the amazing Florence Nightingale fertility nurses but what it all came down to for me was Doctor Venkat. She told me everything I wanted to hear. From her motherly ways to her fantastic sense of humour. I felt safe and In so many words she was my under cover detective researching why I miscarried and was delivering answers why baby Reid kept leaving us from previous IVF cycles. What saddens me so much is that infertility is so often a private struggle, most couples don't know whom in their lives to ask for referrals. This is why I am blogging my journey to make you see you are never alone, you can also read up on what I am doing and I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. My one bit of advice would be a line up around 4-5 clinics. Do your research on the results on the number of pregnancies and live births. The clinic will have this information (Harley Street Fertility Clinic success rates can be found about half way down on their “About us” page: Information about clinics and their success rates is also available on the HFEA website:

I would also recommend going to the Fertility Show

Home | The Fertility Show. Myself and Alex found it really helpful and met with several clinics and learnt a lot walking around.

Ultimately I’ve chosen Harley Street Fertility Clinic on the basis of several factors from Doctor Venkat being an expert in diagnosing underlying fertility issues, years of experience in helping people getting pregnant, having an onsite laboratory so you get your blood test results same day, state of the art equipment, incredible and kind nurses and let’s not forget front of house who make a proper cup of English builders tea and if you’re lucky you may even get a biccie!


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