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IVF cycle 5 2022 and so it begins ...

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

I write this Ivf blog with my daughter in the other room sleeping, how amazing is that!! I still can’t believe it and I can’t believe I am about to do it all over again!!!

As I’ve mentioned in the past I have two embryos left, one was actually transported from a previous cycle from a different hospital, you can find special courier companies that will look after your frosty babies (frozen embryos) and Harley Street Fertility Clinic made sure all was safe. Both frosties are being looked after together by the embryologist, one embryo is from Anastasia’s cycle which we did at Harley Street fertility clinic and the one other one is from my second IVF cycle pre covid! How amazing is science!!

To keep you guys updated, I’ve already started this frozen cycle. I’ve had two lots of Intralipid treatments, you can find out more about this in my blog section

I attend Harley street fertility Clinic once a week and intravenously have a fluid which goes through my body to lower my natural killer cells, I also had a treatment called a scratch and wash, you can also read about this in my blog

As I’m writing this new blog of mine I’m regrettably sad to say that unfortunately I’ve been struck down with a chest infection, this is leaving me feeling weak and poorly. I think it’s very important to raise awareness on the fact that when a woman goes through IVF they are compromising their immune system, so taking care of number one, lots of sleep, rest and TLC is needed when going through IVF. I’ve done 3 lateral flow tests that have all come back negative and am waiting on a result for my PCR test. You can get PCR tests done if you just google fit to fly PCR certificate. It’s really important to know your in good health prior to treatment for your own safety and well-being of others around you in a clinic.

I have also had an injection which a nurse had to administer for me into my right glute this injection is called Gonapeptyl. This is a once only injection and works for 4-5 weeks in total, this is to suppress my hormones. My cycle will be controlled by hormone medication. I have had one very heavy period since this injection and four days with no bleeding and I’ve just started to bleed again!! (“It’s all fun and games at the minute).

I’m absolutely gutted as I thought It was all plain sailing and in my head I was ready and raring to go, I was in the gym four days a week eating super healthy now I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself.

But that’s what happens with IVF, you get the highs and lows. I’m not going to sugar coat reality, this is real life, this is what us women have to go through and sometimes not every cycle goes to plan on the date we think IVF transfer will take place.

Let’s hope my next post is a more positive post, with a negative covid PCR and a follow up on what’s next for me and this cycle.

Ciao for now


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