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IVF Survival Shopping list for 2020

First things first organisation is key to not being stressed! There is so much to get stressed about from paper work, what clinic, what supplements etc etc etc

Get organised

Invest in a folder it will help with all those consent forms, test results, price lists, drug protocols, etc. The first time we did IVF I got so stressed with what meds to take and when and what doctor to see next, so make sure your organised with a folder and have your appointments and alarm set for your meds.

Trust your gut

Choosing a clinic can be a full time job and really hard but try not to get too obsessed. I had a gut instinct and I ignored it! My last cycle in September I was adamant to use my remaining 2 embryos but the medical staff insisted I only transferred one due to a higher risk of a miscarriage (that worked out well hmmm) just to mention after having several miscarriages most clinics would probably agree to double your chances with multiple embryos if they were poor quality. I unfortunately didn’t at the time understand that most clinics will check and offer genetic screenings on your embryos to better your chances. My clinic at the time didn’t agree with this method. Make sure you chat to the staff, get a feel for the place. I found some to be a bit too clinical and cold, others felt like 5 star hotels. How you are treated and how you feel about the place are both really important so go with your gut.

Pamper yourself

Make sure it’s IVF safe...

I’ve created a shopping list to get you started from supplements to an organising folder. I’ve created this list to make it fun and to treat yourself to a cosy night in with a yummy candle lit whilst you read a book with your fertility healing crystals sitting close by in your bedroom.

Enjoy and happy shopping my love.

P.s we can’t forget the men so I’ve added a few supplements that Alex recommends to help those swimmers

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