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My first ever post as a Mummy

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

I have so much to tell you all! Firstly the Reids are moving!!! I’ve sold my property in London and whilst my new house is currently being built in the countryside I have moved

back to my dads house.

Packing my whole life up and moving whilst living out of suitcases plus being a mum to a 11 month old, Lola the dog and Mitzy the cat has been testing at times, but I wouldn’t change my life or my family for the world! We did however nearly lose Mitzy who escaped my dads back door and ended up in the drive, luckily she didn’t go to far.

It’s taken a few weeks for Anastasia to adapt but we are now finally settled.

Anastasia is amazing and is coming on leaps and bounds. She is running riot at grandpa Jacks house, banging coasters on expensive coffee tables, trying to open cabinets with china, cruising around the sofa and lastly her new found love is the cat litter tray! We have officially baby proofed the house and Anastasia is living her best life having lots of snacks with her grandpa. We should be in our new country house by the end of August!!!

Being a mum is simply the best feeling ever and  I’m so lucky to have such a perfect angel. The only thing we haven’t tackled is sleeping through the night. She now wakes me up on average once a night which isn’t to bad really. 9 times out of 10 it takes me 5 minutes to get her down for naps and when she wakes up crying it only takes me a couple of minutes to settle her back down. I’m lucky that Alex is a hands on daddy and he shares the night shifts with me. I try my best to stick to a routine but it isn’t always that simple. What I’ve decided is to not be so regiment and to just follow her lead and it seems to be working. She still currently has two naps a day but I’m going to drop her morning nap in a couple of weeks. Can you believe she will be one years old in a few weeks!!!

My biggest news to tell you all is that I have decided to go through my 5th and final ever IVF cycle which again I’ve decided to go with the amazing Harley Street Fertility Clinic. I will be writing all about my IVF cycle in the IVF blogs section shortly.

I’ve also gone back to the gym and am nearly at my weight before IVF and pregnancy! 5kg to go but as I’m about to start steroids again and hormones I’m not going to weigh myself and I’m just going to try and eat as healthy as possible and will keep to exercising 4 times a week. I’m listening to my body. Being slim isn’t my priority being a good mum and focusing on IVF is all I care about.

As a mum with an 11 month old and going through treatment I’ve noticed a huge change in my mind set. I don’t have the same time look after number one anymore. But self love and self care is so important so I have promised myself after writing this blog to start looking after me a little bit more.

I try my best to have one salad a day with some form of protein and will be trying to get my head around intermittent fasting again which I feel helped my last cycle with my digestion and hormones.

Make sure you subscribe which is at the bottom of my home page, if you fancy having a nose in my personal life as a mum and fiancée to Alex Reid but more importantly to follow my journey on my 5th and final cycle which I hope gives you an insight on IVF and hopefully these posts can help someone who may need some guidance.


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