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So what is Natural Killer Cells and why did Harley Street Fertility Clinic want me to have a test?

If you are dealing with unexplained long-term infertility, or recurrent miscarriage (like me), one explanation offered by clinics could be that you have the presence of overactive Natural Killer Cells (NKC).

This is exactly why I had my bloods done at a clinic on Wednesday. They took 16 bottles of blood off of me, I was told my bloods were having a vacation and got flown to Chicago results back in 2 weeks. Hopefully this will help

me understand why I have miscarried so many times. I just want some answers, this will be my final test. I have now had my thyroid tested which actually needing tweaking with meds, I’ve had the MTHFR gene tested which was positive. So now I’ve started taking folic acid in a more natural form with my prenatal multivitamins (better for all of us anyways) I’ve tested positive for an autoimmune condition called Antiphospholipid syndrome which is an autoimmune disorder. Signs and symptoms vary, but may include blood clots, miscarriage, rash, chronic headaches, dementia , and seizures . APS occurs when your body's immune system makes antibodies that attack phospholipids.

So what is Natural Killer Cells and why did Harley Street Fertility Clinic want me to have it done?

Firstly I’ve been successful on every IVF cycle. My issue isn’t getting pregnant my issue is keeping my baby/babies full term. It would explain a lot if I did have the condition.

What are Natural Killer Cells? 

  • NK cells are sub-types of white blood cells which, as part of the body’s defence mechanism, fight infection. 

  • Every organ has particular NK cells to protect it, with the womb having the most. Here, NK cells are set up to help blood supply development to the foetus, and to recognise that foreign cells coming into the body from the father or egg donations are body-friendly. 

  • However, if you have a higher number than normal of these NK cells, or they’re more aggressive than usual, they may attack rather than protect a pregnancy and cause a miscarriage. 

  • In some cases, high levels of NK cells can prevent implantation/pregnancy in the first place. It is possible to treat women who have problems with both conception and miscarriage.

So if you were on my live feed on Instagram last Friday you would have heard Dr Venkat from explain that treatment for NK cells would be Steroids as they work by reducing the percentage of NK cells in the womb plus intralipid infusions and other IVF meds according to the tests results. Hopefully I can give you all more news in a few weeks with my new protocol!!

Everyone has different levels of NK cells. So treatment has to be tailored to the individual.

On the live we did you would have heard my Doctor saying that I will need to bery careful and be in isolation due to the meds putting me at high risk. The meds I will be taking will lower my immune system, meaning if I did catch the corona virus it wouldn’t be great. Meds will gradually stop after 12-16 weeks, so I guess that’s when I can start to socialise again. By 10 weeks, the foetus starts to prouduce it’s own steroids and baby will slowly have his/her own immunity to fight infections.

I will continue to take 75mg of aspirin daily to improve the blood supply to my growing baby, plus will be injecting clexane In addition to the meds that Harley Street Fertility Clinic give me. I will still continue to take my Bud multi vitamins which has everything I need including the most natural form of Folic acid. Please check my blog on Bud,

You can also buy it here.

Next blog will be my results, what is happening with my IVF cycle, what meds and what protocol....

Exciting times


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