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Time flies when your having fun?

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since I met Harley Street Fertility Clinic and it’s taken this long to progress to treatment. I always knew my treatment was never going to happen straight away as Doctor Venkat wanted to test me for several conditions that could be related to my miscarriages, tests for thyroid abnormalities, natural killer cells, blood clotting conditions, auto immune conditions, having my embryos screened after egg collection and then PAUSE - Pandemic!

IVF is one of the most grueling and gut-wrenching experiences I’ve even been through in my life. Last week I had a zoom call with Doctor Venkat and we discussed what the best and next steps would be for me.

Firstly Covid-19 swab tests before I start treatment scans. That’s pretty mandatory for all clinics and then if all is clear in 3 weeks yes 3 weeks I start my frozen cycle!!

So I’ve put together a few tips and tricks of how you can prepare emotionally, physically and mentally to make sure you go into your next cycle with renewed hope and positivity.

But before you read my tips I just have to do a huge shout out and a very happy 10th birthday to Harley Street Fertility Clinic!!! You can follow them on Instagram at @hsfc_uk

So here we go ...

Preparing for the Emotional Side of IVF

Talk to people who have gone through IVF, this is why I created my blog and my Instagram page. I also now have a what’s app group. If you would like to be included please private message. It really does help when you know your not alone.

Make sure you have support through a therapist or counselor. Most clinics provide this service whilst going through a cycle.

Write down your experiences or have a diary.

I actually have an amazing IVF diary on my online shop. It has lots of positive affirmations, it has a section to jot down your appointments, a section for your scan results and most importantly your protocol so you never forget to take your meds.

You can purchase by following the link here -

Make sure your taking a good multivitamin through out your cycle and when you get your BFP!!! I have sourced an amazing company that do both Male and Female supplements to help with egg quality, overall health for egg transfer and egg collection and sperm quality. You can purchase this here

And lastly my last few tips would be

Eat fertility enhancing foods ( I will be writing

about this more)

Stop smoking, drinking alcohol & reduce caffeine. ...

Look into alternative fertility therapies

Commit to relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.

And lastly Laugh hard and enjoy every day

Love and Light



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