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To my embryos

To the love of my life that I am yet to hold in my arms. My two little embryos, I am so excited to meet you! It’s taken years but finally we can meet!

My heart is filled with so much love, excitement and hopeful tears. You are only a bunch of cells, and on Friday I will officially be pregnant until proven otherwise. To me you are my whole world, you are my love, my baby and I am your mother.

I want you to know how loved you already are and how many people are routing for you to be born in July. I know, you will ultimately choose what is best for you. I wanted to thank you little embryos for you have taught me how to finally love myself and to love my body. I also feel stronger mentally and physically.

On Friday you will be in the home that I have worked so hard for you to grow in, my body my womb. I am told by my doctors that it’s perfect for you to snuggle in, I have done my best so I hope it’s good enough for you. I’ve done a great food shop to help you grow nice and strong and I can’t wait to eat all the foods that will help you develop into a beautiful baby.

I love you so much already, my heart skips a beat when I imagine you in my arms after I’ve given birth to you. I keep a vision in my head of your little hand squeezing my finger.

To all my spirit family, my mum, my grandparents and friends who were taken to soon I thank you for listening to my prayers on my darkest days, I am ready to welcome life within.

Every single needle, pill, surgery was worth it to have you in my arms, I prayed and wished for you to see your grandparents alive and well but Bob Reid and Anita Manashe can keep you safe for me till your ready to hold my hand In July. I can’t believe your due date could fall on your daddy’s birthday. He is so desperate to be the father that he has the divine right to be. The love and kindness he has in his soul is like no other and I hope that is what you will learn from him growing up in life.

I will leave this letter for now.

Just know your already loved so much and so many people can’t wait to meet especially your mummy and daddy

I love you

Love your mummy

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