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Update since last min surgery

Some of you maybe aware I had surgery. Which was not what I expected prior to this frozen cycle.

I had an evaluation to make sure all was ok to go ahead to the next step. They checked for

  • Ovaries not having any large cysts.

  • Hormone levels of estrogen progesterone, to be low.

  • Uterine lining to be thin, and ready to begin anew.

If there is a large cyst (which they found on me again) on the ovary, elevated hormone levels or a thickened endometrial lining, IVF treatment may be less successful and therefore should not begin. So to help the chances Doctor Venkat said it was best we removed it prior to starting the next lot of medication.

I was in a lot of pain and had spot bleeding from it. After surgery I felt so much better within a few days.

Since then it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m so glad I picked HSFC.

They are amazing at making patients feel safe. For the last few weeks I have been travelling up to the clinic to have my intralipids, scan and blood test to check my oestrogen levels. (I never had this before) and I’ve spoken to some of my followers who can also confirm they also never had this checked in other clinics.

The good news is when nurse Tanya looked at my womb lining over the last few weeks she said it was textbook amazing!! I was so happy but the bad news is my oestrogen levels were not high enough for embryo transfer. Doctor Venkat then instructed me to up my progynova to 6mg in morning and 6mg in evening. I then waited another week, had intralipid treatment again and had my bloods double checked. The results came back - still not where it should be I was told to then up it to 8mg in morning and 8mg in the evening. I once again had my bloods checked and still the oestrogen level was 740, the clinic would like me at 1000 prior for embryo transfer. I then had a call to take oestrogen patches and stick them on my left and right buttock and change them every other day till next week and that should rise the oestrogen levels to 1000 for embryo transfer safely.

I’ve also just started injecting progesterone which oh my god is not fun when your isolating alone! It is so painful and is injected into your muscle. An intramuscular injection delivers fertility medication directly into a muscle, using a somewhat longer needle. The progesterone is in a oil form the usual injection site for these medications is the top outer part of the buttocks but I was told to do it on the outer mid thigh quad muscle as I am on my own. It is possible to administer these shots yourself, but some people have their partner help. I found the needle used for this type of injection scary and it’s so painful. I can only describe it as Alex (a professional fighter has punched my leg) and then I trained for 4 hours in the gym on my legs (neither have happened before you ask) I’m very much sticking to a one hour walk 4 time’s a week and giving myself self care and love.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to try my best to inject myself in my right buttock due to the pain in my legs restricting me from my long country walks with my dog.

How am I feeling mentally?

I’m petrified, excited, happy and depressed all at the same time!!! It’s crazy the hormones and steroids I’m taking have made this journey so hard. But I’m thinking of the bigger picture a beautiful baby to love and hold...

Check out my next blog which will be all about how to cope with IVF whilst living through a pandemic

Love and light



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